The lovely power plant area of Pärus Fors is currently being developed to attract more tourists. We offer good accommodation; mainly in the two cottages that a long time ago functioned as the power plant manager’s and the managing director’s home. Both cottages are located in a beautiful place surrounded by birches, bird cherries and syringas only 70 m from the rapids of Lappfjärds å.

Both cottages are suited for six persons and have fully equipped kitchens, with oven and cooker, pots & pans, cutlery, plates, glasses & mugs, microwave oven, coffee maker, electric kettle, toaster, fridge and freezer. There are also toilets, shower, TV, wireless internet and other modern conveniences and also a sauna in one of the cottages.

Cottage 1 – max. 6 persons, 70 € / night.








Cottage 2 – max. 5 persons, 80 € / night.